Why is the City of Carmel installing AEDs along the Monon?

In a joint project involving the City of Carmel, Carmel Fire Department and Carmel Clay Parks, we will be adding AED (automated external defibrillator) stations at Midtown Plaza and along the Monon and other trails. The primary goal is public safety, especially the safety of those who are experiencing cardiac arrest. While an AED can be described as a complex medical device, it is also easy to use. An AED can analyze the heart’s rhythm and, if necessary, deliver an electrical shock, or defibrillation to help the heart re-establish an effective rhythm.

Annually, about 1,700 lives are saved by an AED administered by non-medical bystanders…

Annually, about 1,700 lives are saved by an AED administered by non-medical bystanders who witness the event. Cardiac arrest victims who are administered a shock from a bystander have 2.62 times higher odds of survival and 2.73 times more favorable outcomes as compared to people who first received an AED shock by emergency responders.

The AED units have audible instructions to assist the user and a QR Code on the station will have an associated video. In addition to the AED, Bleed Kits will also be available in the AED station to assist in the case of a bleeding-related injury. A video with directions on how to use the Bleed Kit can also found on the AED station.

The first AED will be installed at Midtown Plaza while three additional AED units will be installed over the next several months along the Monon Greenway near City Hall on Gradle Drive, near the new public restrooms across from Carter Green and where Main Street crosses the Monon Greenway. Eventually, there will be more AED stations installed along Carmel’s trail network and at all of the Carmel Clay Parks locations.

Authored by Laura Campbell, Sue Finkam, Kevin Rider, Jeff Worrell, Bruce Kimball, Miles Nelson, Anthony Green and Adam Aasen.