Why are fireworks allowed for so many days around the 4th of July?

The State of Indiana allows municipalities to set their fireworks hours on any day of the year they want, except for 10 days around the 4th of July and New Year’s Eve. During those times, cities and towns cannot reduce days or hours that are set by the state. Carmel City councilors have requested assistance from State Representatives Donna Schaibley and Jerry Torr to change the state rules to allow Indiana cities to set their own rules using community input.

The latest attempt was this year, and the item did not make it out of committee to get voted on. Until such time as the state rules are changed to allow Carmel to set its own dates and times of fireworks, there will be 10 days of fireworks allowed around the 4th of July.

Authored by Laura Campbell, Sue Finkam, Kevin Rider, Jeff Worrell, Bruce Kimball, Miles Nelson, Anthony Green and Adam Aasen.