Is Carmel planning on extending the hours of the Monon Greenway like Indianapolis did?

With the expansion of the Monon Greenway in the Midtown area, along with the added opportunities for nightlife in our central corridor, the City is planning to increase the hours to allow for “post-dark” access to the Trail.

As it stands now, the Monon Greenway – which is technically a city park – is open from sunrise to sunset. With that, there is not much lighting along the trail, but with the growth of Midtown, the amount of light will be increasing. Look for expanded hours to likely begin in the “mixed-use areas” of the trail (City Center, Midtown, Arts & Design District), while residential areas may potentially be added later.

The exact location of the new hours and how late the Trail will be stay open remains to be seen. Many years ago, when property was acquired to build the multi-purpose linear pathway, some property owners were given assurances that the Trail would always close at night. The City is currently looking into that situation before it decides how to expand the hours of the Trail.

Authored by Laura Campbell, Sue Finkam, Anthony Green, Kevin Rider and Jeff Worrell