Who owns the former plant nursery east of Ascension St. Vincent Carmel Hospital? And why can’t they clean up the property?

The parcel is owned by Ascension (St. Vincent) and the Department of Community Services is working with the owner to address issues regarding the land. It’s worth noting that Ascension allowed the Carmel Fire Department to store some antique Fire Buff Museum pieces while their new building was under construction on Veterans Way.

Code Enforcement has been working with Ascension on plans to eventually demolish structures and have asked that regular mowing take place. This is an ongoing cooperative effort to address the issues of concern. We will continue to monitor progress and keep you posted.

Authored by Council Members Tony Green, Adam Aasen, Rich Taylor, Matt Snyder, Jeff Worrell, Teresa Ayers, Shannon Minnaar, Ryan Locke and Anita Joshi.