Think you’re hearing sirens more often? You are correct! As we’ve grown from a sleepy ‘burb of 30,000 residents to a vibrant city of nearly 100,000, and thousands visit our city each day for work or play, EMS and fire runs have increased as well.

The below graph shows an 11 year-history of fire and EMS incident runs. Approximately 75% of these incidents are emergency medical runs, and the remaining 25% are fire runs. About 50 (1/3) of the fire fighters in the Carmel Fire Department are state certified paramedics. All of our fire fighters are state certified Emergency Medical Technicians. CFD is one of only 259 International Accredited Fire Service Agencies in the world. Only 10% of US citizens are protected by accredited fire agencies, and we are proud to have our residents among that percentage.

Updated June of 2022