What’s the update on the Monon Greenway south of Walnut Street to City Center Drive?

The Carmel Redevelopment Commission is currently working with the city and private developers on the future of the Monon Square property on their east side of the Monon Greenway in this area. This new mixed-use development will bring new residents and small business opportunities to our “beach front” property.

We checked with the CRC and we can report that the Monon trail in this area between Walnut Street and City Center Drive will be widened to about 140 feet, similar to the expansion of the trail in the Midtown area.

This extension of the linear park will have new amenities to make it a beautiful and walkable space for local residents and visitors to enjoy as they travel between our entertainment districts such as the Carmel Arts & Design District, Midtown Plaza and City Center.

Details are still being finalized, but expect to be thrilled by their new amenities to come

Approved and published by Jeff Worrell, Laura Campbell, Sue Fink, Kevin Rider, Tim Hannon, Teresa Ayers, Adam Aasen, Tony Green and Miles Nelson.