What’s going to happen with the school at Orchard Park?

The latest official word (as of March 1) is that there still has not been a decision made by Carmel Clay Schools. As City Council members, we are not part of that decision-making process, but we join many in the Home Place area who hope the building will remain a vital part of the community.

We understand that Superintendent Michael Beresford has said district officials are considering several scenarios. News reports indicate that those options range from using the space for college-level education classes such as robotics to housing nonprofits or a community center.

Beresford has said the district should have a plan in place by the spring of 2022 Meanwhile, the school district will maintain the property during the transition period.

We also agree with Mayor Brainard’s view, expressed during a public meeting, that the school property should not become a “fancy redevelopment” with houses that don’t fit into the neighborhood. Like the mayor, we would rather see a place that still has a playground, a park-like atmosphere for the people in the neighborhood … a place that can act as a community center.

Authored by Laura Campbell, Kevin Rider, Jeff Worrell, Tim Hannon, Sue Finkam, Miles Nelson, Anthony Green and Adam Aasen.