What’s with the big “speed bumps” on Range Line Road?

These are speed “humps” or “raised pedestrian crosswalks” and they serve a couple of purposes, both tied to increased safety.
As the Range Line Road corridor has begun to change, along with the nature of the area it serves – particularly as a historic primary road through City Center, Midtown and the Arts & Design District – the City decided it was time to also change the nature of traffic.

Previously, this was a five-lane road designed for speed and quick navigation though a mostly commercial area of the City. But as more residential development has been added to the mix, it is clear that we will be seeing a great deal more pedestrians and bicyclists using this corridor and wanting to cross the road safely.

The speed humps serve both as traffic-calming devices – designed to get motorists to slow down (but not stop) and as pedestrian crossings where the pedestrians feel safer on the humps and in the median of the narrow new roadway. Motorists who desire to drive quickly through the community going north or south have better options, including Keystone Parkway and Meridian Street.


Authored by Laura Campbell, Ron Carter, Sue Finkam, Anthony Green, Bruce Kimball, Kevin Rider and Jeff Worrell