I’ve seen many new crosswalks in town. How does the city determine where and when to install these crosswalks?

Pedestrian safety is a major issue for the City of Carmel as we continue to progress into a walkable city, especially in our Central Corridor. According to our City Engineering Department, there is a process for determining future placement of crosswalks.

In general, for each new private development project that comes to the City for review, the City inspects the plans for compliance with our thoroughfare plan and alternative transportation plan. This includes ensuring that the proper crosswalks are placed in the appropriate places. On certain development projects where there is a gap in multi-use path or sidewalk facilities we will ask the development to install a crosswalk with a Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) to draw attention to the pedestrian crossing.

Typically, these are in locations where we anticipate a higher volume of pedestrian crossings – such as Range Line Road – or are in designated school crossings – such as Main Street – or in areas with challenging site lines.

We began to install raised pedestrian crosswalks in our urban core specifically along Range Line Road to bring attention to midblock pedestrian crossings. The RRFB’s have also been deployed in other parts of the City to highlight pedestrian crossings that have a higher level of use.

At this time, the City does not have a formal process or pedestrian count, we have just used our engineering judgement. This is also based upon the amount of RRFB’s that we have purchased on a yearly basis to install as we distribute them around the city.

Authored by Laura Campbell, Sue Finkam, Kevin Rider, Jeff Worrell, Sue Finkam, Miles Nelson, Anthony Green and Adam Aasen.