If a company obtains water from a public utility does this threaten water usage in an emergency?

According to our Carmel Utilities Department, this company obtained a hydrant meter so they have permission to use the hydrant. The water is metered and they are required to bring the meter back to the city we can bill them. They pay a daily rental fee for the meter, and for the water used at the same rate other customers pay.

They use the smaller connection on the hydrant and typically flow at a rate of 150 gallons per minute This consumption is readily absorbed within our system and does not impact the ability to handle emergencies.

We do appreciate residents that ask questions. We are diligent about making sure this water is paid for and that the hydrant is used properly, but there are occasions where water can be obtained from a hydrant without our knowledge. So, we appreciate the extra sets of eyes.

Authored by Laura Campbell, Sue Finkam, Kevin Rider, Jeff Worrell, Sue Finkam, Bruce Kimball, Miles Nelson, Anthony Green and Adam Aasen.