When I see police cars or hear sirens, is there a way I can be informed about what is happening?

For better transparency our Carmel Police Department uses a program called CrimeReports.com – which is user-friendly and is updated at least twice a day. You can zoom into your neighborhood or look at the whole county. For privacy, just the street and the rounded address are shown.

Just because police cars show up at a location doesn’t mean it is a reportable event. Carmel Police average around 85,000 incidents per year, from vehicle lockouts, vacation checks to arrests. Obviously, most incidents are not crimes.

Crime news can be found here.
CPD annual report can be found here.

As you can see, CPD tries to get info out in a variety of ways. There is no desire to suppress crime information, as getting the word out about actual crimes helps raise awareness and keep people and property safe.

Authored by Laura Campbell, Ron Carter, Sue Finkam, Anthony Green, Bruce Kimball, Kevin Rider and Jeff Worrell