Does the city still plan to provide a connection street from Clay Terrace Blvd. to Rohrer Road?

Yes, there are long-term plans to make that connection across the property that has become a new power station for Duke Energy, adjacent to U.S. 31 (which is elevated at that point). The new road will add to the City’s transportation network, making it easier for those living on the west side to travel back and forth to Clay Terrace as well as to access Range Line Road.

Another added benefit will be for the businesses – especially the brewery and restaurants that are currently in a strip mall along Rohrer Road – to attract new customers from the Monon Greenway as any new roadway is most likely to include a multi-use path.

While this is the long-term plan, it’s important to note that there are no immediate plans to begin construction. It may take a while as the City works on other projects. But this connection is definitely in the works for the future and will be a benefit for many. Stay tuned.

Authored by Jeff Worrell, Sue Finkam, Laura Campbell, Bruce Kimball, Miles Nelson, Tony Green and Adam Aasen.